Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it

I have been back home for... uh... I hate math... 6 days now. I was able to post my NZ pictures online (I'll send you the link if you want) and did my first of probably many slide shows for the family. And they didn't fall asleep, despite my try at the monotone drone made famous by Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

I paid off the credit card, so the only debt is the house mortgage again. Amazingly the trip didn't make me bankrupt. The Christmas bonus from work helped. I've been sleeping till noon... only because I can't fall asleep till after 2 am.

I have now dreamt about NZ for the last 4 nights, just before I wake up. And they have been anything but normal. Mostly about a few people I met there (but they aren't quite right either in the dreams) and places that I didn't visit. Very strange. I have no idea what it all means.

I've also (insert dork joke here) started re-watching the extended version of Lord of the Rings and noticing more places I went and saw. So cool.

I have 6 more days before I have to go back to work. Not looking forward to it, but gotta work for the money. I would love to be able to take my nephews (sister's) to NZ and do the REI trip with them. I think they would absolutely love it and I would love sharing that experience with them. Unfortunately that's a lot of money I don't have and doubt I could save for before they are out of high school. Plus sis is getting married next fall and I need to be able to get myself to Hawaii for that.

So I guess it will just be strange dreams for now. And figure out what the next stage of my life will be.


The Singlutionary said...

I am finally reading and blogging again! I am so envious of your wonderful trip. Can I profile you on my blog when I write about solo travel?

It is amazing that the only debt you have is the mortgage.

Is your sister moving out when you get married? I need to visit you one day. I will be in Tahoe in June. We should meet up then!

The Lonely Traveler said...

I'm not the one getting married!!! And no, he'll be moving in.