Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Raining....STILL

Act IV: Scene IV
Dec. 11th.

Our search for that elusive mystical orb called sun has failed. And the outlook for the rest of the trip looks just as soggy. WARNING: Swearing ensues!!!! You either bitch and complain the entire time and have no fun or you say fuck it, I’m going to frolic in the rain and I’m going to have a great time doing it!

We had crumpets for breakfast, good smothered in butter and honey. We left rainy Okarito and went to Fox Glacier, which was plan B. We got to the trailhead and the river had washed it out. So we got to see it from afar. We then went to Lake Matheson and walked around the lake, which was formed by the glacier receding and left a big crater, which was plan C. It rained there, go figure. We then drove to Ship Creek and did the Swamp Forest Walk where M. demonstrated his Tarzan swing, and the Dune Lake Walk, which was plan D. We walked along the beach for a while taking in the stormy Tasman Sea one last time.

We had lunch on the bus, because it was raining… still. We then drove to the Bridle Track (plan E), which was a nice hike down a slippery trail, but it was still beautiful. I got soaked. Our final hike for the day, plan F, was a little 30-minute roundtrip hike to the Blue Pools. However because of all the RAIN, the pools were flooded and all you saw was a raging river joining another raging river and the water was grey, not blue. But fun suspension bridges.

By now my shoes and raincoat couldn’t handle another drop and were no longer waterproof. But again, at this point I don’t care about the RAIN! I’m here to have a good time and see beautiful things even though we can’t see much through the clouds and rain.

We got to out Walton’s style house in Makarora around 6pm. We had dinner around 8pm. Tomorrow we have a hike or two (depending on the RAIN) and then into Queenstown for the “Adventure Capitol of the World”. Forecast says RAIN. M. said he feels really bad about all the RAIN. He said he would hate to be on holiday and it rained everyday. And it has rained everyday I have been here in New Zealand. I’m bummed about the weather situation, but then what can you do? Except, just accept it and have a good time jumping in mud puddles. So what if all my pictures are grey and have rain drops on the lens.


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George said...

Good for you! Love it. Sounds like the place is soaked. Play in the water and have fun. The food sounds delicious and the stories you will have to tell. Can't wait.