Sunday, September 30, 2012


Been needing to write, but haven’t been able to... write. Or more to the point what about. I think I should write something funny and light hearted, a la another blast from the past photo. But I don’t want to share too much. I kind of like anonymity or being mysterious. Bwahahahaha. Perhaps another tour of the music library, but I am in the process of replacing said library due to a bug or glitch or upgrade compatibility issue, and I’m only halfway through the “B’s”. So, an update on the job front? Not sure I should share that publicly... yet. I will only say, I am no longer in Victorville working. So, update on the me exercising? Are you all bored with that yet? Perhaps I will eventually do all of those.

In the meantime, while I sort all that out, last week I was house-sitting for my parents and got to spend some quality time with my cat, Quirk. This was our favorite hang out spot.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bad Fangirl

Am I a bad fangirl if I haven't purchased this yet? I really do want it. But I don't even have a Blu Ray player. Oh my, does that make me an even worse fangirl? Oh dear. I'll go hang my head in shame over here in the corner... without my elf ears.

*I don't own elf ears or hobbit feet. Going back to my corner of shame.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just Peachy

My latest posts haven’t been all that fun or silly and I have been wanting to lighten the mood a bit, so I think we will get in the TARDIS and go to 1985, only not with Michael J. Fox, but with me and Peachy.

This is me and Peachy when we first got her. I’m 7, almost 8 and Peachy is about 3 months.

My mom found an ad in the paper for kittens. We were suppose to only get a kitten for me, but when we got there, there was another one. Peachy’s brother, Bud. So needless to say, I got Peachy and mom got Bud. I don’t exactly remember what happened to Bud. He may have run away or he died mysteriously, but he didn’t stay long with us. One thing I remember about Bud was his nasty smelling farts. They were so bad that even he would leave the room. But Peachy... well, she was... interesting. While she was still a young little fluffy kitten, she decided to climb up the ironing board that was standing up in the garage. It fell over, and she with it. She hit the concrete floor so hard she got a concussion. She couldn’t walk straight for two days afterward. And ever since then, she was never the same. I can only conclude that it was not just a simple concussion but brain damage as well. She would drool when you pet her. She would suck on your toes. Really! She never really grew out of her kitten phase in that she would knead (I know normal cats do this too) but she wouldn’t just knead, she tried to nurse, hence the sucking on your toes thing. She was sort of slow, I wouldn’t say stupid, but she was kind of like Forest Gump, only in cat form. She also became allergic to herself (her own fur). She would scratch herself so much that her fur would come out. We had to take her to the vet every year for shots so she wouldn’t do that. She also sneezed all the time. Which I also associate with her being allergic to herself.

She had so many things going against her. But she was such a loving cat. She was beautiful. And I think she had a pretty good life. I would get frustrated with her at times because I didn’t want to have wet spots all over my clothes from the drool and get sneezed on or have my toes sucked on, and I would push her away. But she always came back and I always gave her some loving.

I eventually had to make that hard decision in High School. She had gone into kidney failure and she was suffering. The Veterinarian asked if I wanted to see her before she gave her the last shot of her life. I said no. I couldn’t do it. It is one thing I regret. I didn’t say goodbye to her. I cried all the way home. I buried her up on the bank in the backyard where I thought she would like to be. As far as I know, she is still there. We had quite the pet cemetery back there. Mostly cats, a dog, many hamsters, a bird or two, and a rattlesnake. It wasn’t a pet and I dug him back up because my nephew wanted to see it and have the bones.

I have to say that every cat that I have had over the span of my life to date, has been weird in one way or another. We have had cats for as long as I can remember. There has almost always been at least one cat in our household. I have never had a “normal” cat. Pumpkin got run over in front of our house by our neighbor ( dad saved the day on that one, I never saw her), Turtle had half a tail and I still have scars on my chest from her. She came back from the vet after getting “fixed” a changed kitty. Tosca loved classical music, but started spraying like boy cats. Dot was so special, she was so friendly she spent time in the neighbors houses. She got shot by a BB gun. :( I’ve blogged about Jack here, I even made him a facebook fan page because he had human and feline friends that would come visit him. I now have a cat named Quirk, and he is quite quirky. He lives with my parents. But he too is... different. Here is a pic of Quirk.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Funny workout videos

Back in a Starbucks in Victorville, listening to my tunes in itunes so I can find my finicky tracks that need fixing. I have been having problems with my ipod and itunes lately. They have decided to not play certain songs or not play them all the way through. I now know how to fix it, but I have to find each song that is doing it and replace it. So, I will be doing a lot of listening for awhile.

So I am here in Starbucks procrastinating on the business stuff for the shop and am writing a blog instead. Go me!

I guess I will update you on the whole me exercising and liking running. Since being in Victorville I have not been able to run and I am missing it. I am antsy and fidgety. But due to the extreme heat and skeeziness of Victorville, I cannot run outside. It’s just not safe. There is no gym at the hotel, so no running on a treadmill either. I have been having a hard time finding a substitute. I didn’t want all that hard work I put in for months and months to fade back into flabby lazy fat cells again. At first I tried a pilates video workout thing and I brought my dumb bells with me. I did the pilates thing but it was kind of boring and annoying and though it is a workout (I got slightly sweaty) I felt it wasn’t enough. I was still antsy and fidgety and restless. Then I went through the videos we have in the garage. Oh my god! I just couldn’t do it. I was laughing so hard at the ridiculous outfits and things they expected me to do. I just couldn’t. The unitard, still gives me nightmares! So this last time I was home over the break I went to Target and bought a Jillian Michaels kickboxing video. She is kicking my ass! I like it better, and I am really sweaty by the end of it. But again, I’m just not sure it is enough.

I’m really tired at work during the day... morning, whatever. I am sleepy. I get back to the hotel and decompress a bit, shower to get all the sunblock off and then do the workout. It wakes me up, which is good, because I need to stay awake to work on the business and such (yeah, I’m working on it real hard right now), and I don’t want to nap because then I won’t fall asleep at night when I need too.

So anyway, Jillian is kicking my ass while I fake box in my hotel room and I look forward to running around my neighborhood when I get home.

It is strange to think that when I started this odyssey it was hard to tie those tennishoes and get out the door. I had to really motivate myself. Now, I can’t wait to tie those tennies. Go me!