Thursday, December 17, 2009

What's this blue stuff?

Act IV: Scene V
Dec. 12th.
Queenstown day one

Breakfast was bacon and eggs plus the usual assortment of everything. We did a small nature walk, the Makarora Bush Forest Walk. That took us into town, only a 15-minute thing. Then we were on the bus and off to Wanaka and the Mt. Iron Loop Track. I huffed and puffed up all the switchbacks, but once on the top… wow, what a view. Breath taking – literally in my case. Heh heh.

AND IT WASN’T RAINING!!!!!! There was some blue sky! Oh my! Our first day of actually seeing blue sky, and *gasp* the sun! We had meat pies at the bakery in Wanaka for lunch. Very good, but really salty. We spent a little time in Wanaka and then left for Queenstown. We got into town around 1:30pm. I’m sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with B. and L., and it has a little view of Lake Wakatipu. It was mostly sunny in Queenstown so B., D., and I walked around town. It’s small. We did it in 20 minutes. Very touristy. M. said kiwi’s don’t live here, the tourists have taken over. We all got together for dinner. M. and S. have tomorrow off, and we have the day to do crazy, only in New Zealand things. I’ll tell you all about tomorrow, tomorrow. I don’t want to spoil it. Muwahahaahahhahaa.



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