Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lets do the time warp again

Dec. 22nd
The longest day ever

I am now home in Gilroy. Tired, but can't sleep. I left Auckland this afternoon at 6:45pm. Arrived in Sydney at 8:15pm. Arrived in Los Angeles at 3:30pm. And finally arrived in San Jose at 7:00pm. All on December 22nd. whoa, freaky. Ok, not really.

I had from hotel checkout time (10:00am) till 3:15pm to do whatever in Auckland before I needed to catch the bus to the airport. So I walked down to the harbor and finished reading the book I brought with me and watched the boats and ships come and go. And I watched tourists (a cruise ship docked earlier that morning). And I got a bit of a sun burn. Not a bad one, just a little pink. No flaking will ensue. I had packed my sunblock in my luggage because I didn't want it confiscated by the silly TSA agents.

Every flight was packed full of people and crying babies, except the last flight from LA to San Ho, which was delayed due to weather in Chicago. That ended up being a good thing because I would have missed it otherwise. It took FOREVER just getting off the plane in LA. I was in the third to last row of the plane so we stood there for what seemed live forever. Then I just happened to plan being in the customs line when they did a shift change. Stood there and watched them do their "shift change" for another 30 minutes. Then of course the domestic terminal I need is on the other side of the airport. So I huffed it over there and then had to stand in line at the counter to get my boarding pass, and then stand in line for security. I always pick the slowest line. By the time I get dressed and repacked, I have 10 minutes before my plane is to leave. I run down there and I see "DELAYED". Never been happier to have to wait. It's not like I was excited to be on another plane.

The flight to Sidney was just under 3 hours. The flight to LA was 12.5 hours, which is 2.5 hours less than when flying the other direction. And the LA to San Ho was an hour. I will say this again, no matter how much more it costs, pay it and get a direct flight.

My dad picked me up and took me home. I have showered, unpacked, did my laundry, and went through my pile of mail (mostly junk). I should be exhausted, but I am wide awake. To me it is 8:00pm Wednesday night, not 11:00pm Tuesday.

I guess I should be happy to be home, and see my family. It was great taking a shower in my shower. And I'm sure it will be great sleeping in my own bed. But I really didn't want to go home. I know I said that before. Now it's: get through the holidays and birthday, and then *shudders* back to work and reality. However, I will cut down on the amount of time I spend at my job. I get paid a 40 hour work week, and that is what I will work. Not more. I don't get compensated when I work more than that, so why do it?

And so to leave this New Zealand experience on a good note. I am very glad, extremely super glad I decided to finally go. I went places and saw things that I will most likely never get to see again. I met people whom I will never forget. I truly enjoyed my time there, and hope that one day I can go back and experience it all again.


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brookecrumpton said...

so happy you made it home safe. But sad that you had to come back so soon! You are making me have the travel bug......