Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Raining... some more

Act IV: Scene III
Okarito Beach House (Remu House)

Had breakfast at 7:30am of eggs, bacon, cereals, yogurts, fruit, and toast. And of course coffee, tea, and orange juice. At 8:00am, we walked down to the kayak place and we met our guide, Sh. We got a little lesson, life vests, and skirts (they fit over the kayak so water doesn’t get in). We all rode doubles. Seven of us and Sh. Good thing we had him because we would have gotten lost. Normally they send us out on our own to explore but because of the heavy rains and the strong currents and poor visibility, they gave us Sh. He took us out on the lagoon and off we went. It was hard going against the current. We paddled and paddled and it would look like we were moving along when you looked at the water, but then you look over at the forest and you realize that after a minute you are still passing the same freakin' tree! It drizzled and rained the entire 3.5 hours we were out there. It was still beautiful and we saw a lot of black swans and their little babies (signets), and a few wood pigeons who don’t know when to stop eating a certain berry and then it ferments in their stomachs and they get drunk and are known to fall out of trees or forget how to fly. We paddled up some river channels that are normally mud and marsh and then on our way back we rode the current in the lagoon. My hands are a bit sore and I think I agrivated my tendonitis in my left arm, but I took some drugs so hopefully all will be well tomorrow. Tonight S. cooked lamb and it was good. We had lamb with potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, and parsnip all roasted with gravy (which M. put vegemite in). It was all good. So far I have no complaints about any of the food.

After lunch we were hoping the rain would clear out but it never did. A few went on a short hike down to the beach, but I stayed in and played scrabble with L. and B. I lost because I am a horrible speller. But it was fun. It was unfortunate that the weather never cleared for us here but we have no control of that. Tomorrow on our way out of here to Makarora we will either do a challenging 4-5 hour hike or do to short ones near Fox Glacier. It all depends on the weather.

I used my disposable waterproof camera on the kayak, but I doubt any of the pictures will be any good.

I think we are all hoping for a bit of sun tomorrow. I guess I didn’t make this entry sound very exciting but I am still having a great time, just want a bit of sun now.



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