Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why am I doing this again?

Act IV: Scene VI
Dec. 13th.
Queenstown day two

WOO to the friggin’ HOO!!!!!!!! It rained all night and then by morning it was sunny with some very big clouds. I met D. and D. outside at 9am and we walked into town to the place where we were to be picked up to do the Canyon Swing. Only in New Zealand would they think something like this up. I don’t think I can describe it in words without writing a book, so here it is in picture form. I will say, that the hardest part was taking the leap. After that, it was AMAZING! Enjoy!

After that, I came back to my room and ate, because I purposefully didn’t eat before. I then got picked up at 1:30pm for my “Lord of the Rings Tour”. That was interesting. Very beautiful. And I could imagine the scenes when the guide took us to places from the movie. However, the fan belt broke on the Land Rover. No cell service, and we were too far out for the radio to work. So he would drive about 5-10 minutes and then stop to cool the truck. Then drive 5-10 minutes. He finally got cell service and called in and was able to get another truck out to get us back to Queenstown. I was with a family from China, and so the gal would translate everything for the other three. That trip was just sort of… weird. I don’t know. I did get some cool pictures. But the highlight was definitely the Canyon Swing. We got together for dinner and ate at “The Cow”. We had pizza. It was good. The end. Heh. Tomorrow we leave for Milford Sound… back to the sand flies.



Unknown said...

oh hell no.

Sarah Jean Tremaine said...

That's super rad! Did you scream like a little girl? Hehehehe I would've!