Tuesday, June 26, 2012

uh oh, what if there's sex?

I’ve decided to post just half of this particular entry. 1.) it is taking way too long to edit the second half, 2.) the second half doesn’t really have anything to do with the first. So instead of confusing you all, I will split them, and maybe someday I will get the second part the way I want it... or not.

I recently convinced my sister to purchase an audiobook for our trip. It wasn’t hard, I didn’t even have to reveal the real reason I wanted her to get it. Then I realized it was a classic regency romance, and then thought, “oh god, what if there is sex in it?” So I had to go to the library (needed to get my card anyway) and got the book. Read it. Rest assured, there are no sex scenes. Our fragile ears will not be defiled! Hurrah! But as I was reading this lovely book, I realized that since I had stopped reading as of late, I have become dumb. Seriously! There were so many words in that darn novel that I didn’t know the meanings of. Sad to say though that I didn’t look any of them up. I have always realized that my own vocabulary is limited. I’m more of a say it straight, dammit. So when people start using big vocabulary, I start to feel kind of stupid. And I know this is all shocking to you because I have a bachelor's degree in English! Yeah, I felt pretty stupid then, too. Besides the life stories I’ve been sharing with you here on the blog, there has been another one that I have not been sharing. And while reading this book, I thought, this (reading intelligent books) will help me in my pilgrimage of bettering myself for a specific purpose (of which I will not share with you all). But rest assured reading intelligent books not only betters me for my “specific purpose” but also betters my mind, body, and soul in general. It’s multi purposeful!

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