Thursday, June 14, 2012

Am I warped?

My Dove chocolate told me to do something spontaneous today. So here it goes. A photo examination of my childhood, let's observe:

you can click to enlarge

Yes, this is me, I was eight. A few things to note.

1.) my short hair. If my brother was in this picture with me, you would notice that I had the same haircut.

2.) my fashion sense was non-existent. Everyone knows you don't wear a blue t-shirt with blue jeans, especially ones featuring dolphins! However, I never did nor do I now have any fashion sense.

3.) (and perhaps the most disturbing)I have hung my cabbage patch doll. And not just hung him, I am gleefully proud of the fact that I did. I mean, look at that smile on my face!

One can only conclude that even at such an early age, I had a warped sense of humor or justice. I can't remember why I hung him. This may have been his punishment for doing harm to my other cabbage patch dolls. Still doesn't explain why I am so happy about it.

*please don't take anything I just said seriously.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly, I don't think your warped. I always thought you were cool. And you photo could be worse...