Monday, June 25, 2012

All that work for what??

Grrrrr. My quest is failing... sort of. As you may know I have been running and working out for over 8 weeks now, trying to lose that last elusive 10 pounds. I lost one. One freakin pound! ugh. So frustrating. But, there is some good news in all this. Although I have only shed one measly pound, I have lost 2 inches off my tire (waist), 1.25 inches off my hips, 1-2 inches off my thighs (depending on where one chooses to measure), and 1.25 inches off my calves. So I am slimming down, just not getting any lighter. Bwahahahahaha

When I get back from the road trip, it will be time to change things up a bit, so that I don’t plateau or get bored. Not sure what that will entail yet. Maybe run the loop in the opposite direction. Means more up hills than down hills, which would make it a bit more difficult. And somehow change up the weights routine.

The run today (beginning of week 9) was easy. Well it is never easy, but that painful stitch I had is finally gone (that was a hard 2 weeks) and I ran the entire loop. I usually have a short walking stint towards the end, but ran through it today.

I broke one of my rules. I said I would reward myself with a DVD every five pounds but since it is taking 8 weeks to lose just one, I bought it today. (Hopefully it will get here before Saturday.) Because, I have been doing good. I’ve never kept up a workout this long before! And I threw out another pair of “way too big now” shorts. Even though I haven’t reached any weight goal, I thought I still needed to celebrate what I have accomplished. So there. Still a long road ahead (the fight against genetics will be lifelong), but trying to keep optimistic.

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Anthroslug said...

Remember that regular exercise will build muscle, which weighs more than fat, meaning that your weight can be a somewhat deceptive guide to progress. If you're still having to get rid of clothes that don't fit, then you are making progress, even if your chosen measurement isn't moving much.