Thursday, June 28, 2012

Previously On "my childhood"

A bit ago, I shared a photo from my youth in which I expressed gleeful amusement at wringing my Cabbage Patch Dolls neck, here. This time, I give you exhibit B. Honest to god truth, that I, have been documented....
wait for it....... in a DRESS! *gasp*

Before I get to the dress, note the broken arm. I did that riding my bike to school one morning, in the third grade, so I am about 9 years old in this picture. Also this is the small cast. Originally when they put the cast on, they set my arm wrong and put the wrong cast on. Wasn't till I started complaining of back and shoulder pains and Mom took me back to the hospital, did they realize that I had the wrong cast for my particular break. Go figure.

Anyway, we aren't here to talk about patient care and "oopsy" Doctors. The dress. This was by far my most favorite dress in the whole wide world! Lord knows, I wore it to church practically every Sunday for that entire year! I loved it because:

1.) it was GREEN! It is still my favorite color.

2.) it had ruffles!

3.) because of ruffles, it was a great spinning dress.

I would spin like the Whirling Dervishes out in the parking lot of the church every chance I got. I wonder how many horrified church goers saw my 9 year old underwear? And if they wondered where my parents were while I was showing my underwear to the holier than thou? A parking lot with lots of moving cars isn't necessarily the safest place to spin in circles like a crazy person. My parents, however, were most likely watching me spin round and round with a grin on their faces. Now whether that grin was in delight at seeing their cute, adorable daughter spinning in her equally cute, adorable dress and seeing me happy too boot, or they were grinning through embarrassment. I'd go with option one, there. Just saying.

And now you have it. Proof that I (at some point in my life) did actually enjoy wearing a girly foo foo dress. Until next time in my childhood where we will examine fluffy kittens and their impact on me becoming the crazy cat lady, or the allowing of older siblings to do what they wished with me and how that facilitated my knowledge of worms, snails, and pincher bugs.


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I'm pretty sure I knew you when this was your regular dresswear :-) I remember the hair ;-)