Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fangirling, nerd alert!! Set phasers to stun...ing

So way back in... November I wrote about the two new cheesy shows I liked which happened to be Arrow and Beauty and the Beast, both on the CW. Check what I said then here. Now I still like watching Arrow, it's fun. But I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast (BATB for short). No really, obsessed.

I watch a lot of television... A LOT. For instance I watch besides what is mentioned above: Castle, Revolution, Lost Girl, Nikita, Grimm, Burn Notice, Warehouse 13, Haven, Defiance (just premiered, I'm intrigued), Dr. Who and sometimes watch but not religiously Bones, Royal Pains, The Middle, Modern Family, Raising Hope, and Supernatural. I won't even get into Animal Planet, Food Network, DIY, or HGTV, or shows that aren't on the air anymore (Fringe). Of the shows I watch religiously, almost all of them are considered "genre" shows. In that they have some sort of mythology or running story ark through the entire series. In other words, you can just watch an episode and be entertained, but there is so much more going on and unless you know the "story", you're only getting half of it. "Genre" shows usually don't do well on normal tv. They don't draw the numbers like shows like CSI or Law and Order. You can watch those shows completely out of order and it wouldn't matter. You'd be really confused if you watched Lost Girl or Revolution out of order.

Anyway, I'm getting side tracked. I was telling you about my obsession with Beauty and the Beast. And it is an obsession. I have all the episodes on my DVR and on itunes. In my DVR the commercials are edited out, and all episodes are labeled with titles and episode numbers. And I watch them over and over and over again. Sometimes I just watch the parts with the two main characters (Catherine and Vincent) and fast forward through the other stuff. And if any of you #beasties out there are reading this, you know which parts I'm talking about!

I follow the cast, crew, and writers on Twitter, I go snooping in peoples Tumblr's (I especially like this gals snark Jacki Venezia), and I read what people are saying in the fan forums. I haven't joined any of the fan forums or signed up with Tumblr. I've been part of fan forums before and am hesitant to get into them again. One time the fan forum blew up and imploded on itself and many got burned and well, shit was flying, lets say. The other, I kept getting "modded" for my language and not being "P.C." There are young people here and we can't be talking about someones ass (oh sorry, posterior) or say things like shit. Please people, this is the internet!!! If a 13 year old found your fan forum, then they certainly found "other" things on the internet as well. Get off your moral high horse and grow a pair.

OK, now we know how I feel about fan forums. Where was I? Oh, right, BATB. I've been trying to figure out why I'm so into this show. It has changed quite a bit from when the Pilot aired. It started out as a genre/procedural/mythology/romance show. Now it's romance/mythology/ oh my god what the hell is going on show. I like that the characters are strong, especially Catherine. She can kick ass. But I also like that they are flawed. They aren't perfect. ( how Vincent dealt with Alex anyone?) It helps that everyone on this show is freaking gorgeous! But that's the CW for you. Everyone on any show on that network is drop dead gorgeous. And the CW is known for shows geared toward teens and young 20 somethings. But this one, much like Nikita, isn't. Don't get me wrong, the teens and 20 somethings are into it. But it's about two people one almost 30, the other somewhere in his 30's (we don't know his exact age yet) and they are dealing with grown-up things. Not high school boy/girl issues or prom or oh my gawd look what she's wearing and she slept with who? Ew. Gross. Like O.M.G. It's two people who love each other, and figuring out their "grown-up" relationship along with everything else in the world that is chasing/ hunting/ sabotaging them and so much more.

Hm, not explaining this very well. The actress who plays Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) said this about it:
Kristin teases that she “knows the whole thing” about how Season 1 ends, and she thinks that we’ll know more about Season 2 closer to May upfronts. “Because the show is performing decently but not like, exceedingly well, I think we’ve just got to wait and see,” she says. If Beauty And The Beast does get a second season, a lot of that can probably be chalked up to the show’s very loyal fan base.
“They’re rabid,” Kristin says. “I don’t know what we tapped into. It feels stronger than Smallville fans in some ways. I know! But, the intensity. It’s a smaller group, but the intensity of it is so strong. It blows my mind. I think it’s really wonderful how passionate they are about a love story. I don’t know how we did that. I really don’t, and I’m kind of in awe of it. Like, ‘Wow, they really are committed to this’,” she says. One reason for fan passion lately is that the show has not wasted any time in getting Cat and Vincent together — something that Kristin does not think was part of the original plan to happen so soon.
“I think [the plan was] to hold off. I think it really was,” Kristin reveals. “I mean, it’s obvious, we changed the direction of the show so much. I’m surprised, but I like it. I like exploring the relationship as opposed to, ‘ Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes.’ That’s not as interesting to me. Maybe it’s because I’m 30 and I just want to know. Let’s get in the relationship, let’s see where it goes from there,” she laughs.  Source here

There was something else... oh right. So BATB will be airing the last 5 episodes of the season starting this Thursday, (been on a 3 week hiatus that has been driving all the beasties bonkers) and I wont be able to watch it till like, Monday! Aaaaccckkk! I'm driving down to LA with my mom on Thursday so she can see some old friends on Friday and so we can go to the LA Times Festival of Books on Saturday at USC, then off to the inland empire to visit some other friends on Sunday. We're either driving back up late Sunday or Monday. So my hiatus is even longer!!

But I'm good at waiting. I waited a whole month before I saw The Hobbit in the theaters, and it has been out on DVD for over a month now, and I don't own it yet. Besides, it just means I don't have to wait as long for the next episode. bwahahahaahahhhaa And I'll definitely be buying the DVD of BATB when it comes out! 

*was going to insert some pics, but couldn't decide how inappropriate I wanted to be. Just go to Tumblr and type in vincat.

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