Monday, April 15, 2013

Red Runner post challenge

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So yeah. The actual final day is Friday the 19th, but I will be in LA that day, so obviously I won't be running that day, or probably the day before that either since that day I'll be driving down to LA. And well, the challenge went into the toilet by halfway through the second week of the 9 weeks. Yeah, so here's why.

Recap on what the challenge was: Short run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday (between 2 and 2.6 miles) and  six rounds of strength training of three 30 second intervals with a rest between each round. I would change the strength training routine every three weeks. So the first three weeks strength training exercises were:push-ups, squats, and lunges with hand weights, and the second set was curls, behind the head curls, and something else I can't remember now. I don't like push-ups, I'm not good at them. So at the end of week 1 my left wrist was hurting a bit but I was more impressed that my thighs were sore. Halfway through week 2, I had definitely aggravated the tendonitis in my left wrist. So no more push-ups or anything having to do with my arms from then on out.

And quite frankly I was having a hard time making myself do 6 rounds of exercises. Ugh. So when it was time to switch up for the next three weeks, I decided to focus on abs and legs. So, planks, squats, sit-ups, etc. It sort of worked. Some days, I didn't do them, some days I did. Weeks 4-6 were not fun weeks for me on many levels.

Weeks 7-9 I sort of gave up on the 30 second interval thing, cus I wasn't doing it anyway. So with my brace on I went back to arm and core exercises with the hand weights. And the last two weeks I just did the running because I was working at my parents house hand digging out a patio and fixing their garden and transplanting shrubs. Yeah, I'm old school with a shovel.

I have no idea if I lost any weight. Maybe I'll weigh in tomorrow or something. But although I would like to reach the weight loss goal I had set last year, I don't really care about it now. I'm more concerned about muscle tone and getting rid of the muffin top.

My crazy friend and I are doing the Skyline to the Sea Trail in mid May, which is the "fun" reward for reaching my weight loss goal. So I'm doing it whether I reach it by then or not. But like I said, I don't really care about that goal anymore. It is not a necessity or priority.

I bet that was the most exciting thing you have read... ever. Bwahahahahahahahahaahaha

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