Monday, January 21, 2013

Foiled Again

Why why why!!!!!! So frustrating!! It seems like every time I get going on a new routine, it gets derailed. I’m talking about my ongoing lifelong exercise/workout routine. I had set a new goal for January. It consisted of a 3 mile run, five days a week (mon-fri) and strength training focused on the fat tire (crunches of various forms and free weights). A complete workout would last about 45-50 minutes. I was going to remeasure the target areas at the end of the month to see if I had made a dent in the bulge. I completed the first two weeks of four and was feeling good. On Saturday I started to feel congested. Sunday was full blown head congestion with the throbbing headache and if I moved too fast, I would see stars and my sinuses felt like they would explode out of my face. Sunday night took 4 ibprofen and an advil sinus just to get to sleep. I knew I would not be able to continue the plan on Monday. I was so mad. I’m healthy now, why do I keep getting sick? My nephew had the head cold, so he’s the one that brought it into the house. But I did everything I could to keep it away from me. Kept washing the bathroom, my hands, didn’t use his towels, etc. Got it anyway.

This happened in November too, when I got a nasty cold/flu virus from my sister. I was going great on the workout, trying something, and them BAM! I was out for over a week. It’s Monday, and I’m indoors, on advil sinus, and blowing my nose like crazy. And it is beautiful outside!!! It’s finally warm and sunny, like spring. So bummed. Will I be able to go out tomorrow? Not sure I will be able to breathe by then yet. So once again, foiled! Will I have to push the deadline back again? It seems like that is all I do these days, and not just with my weight loss goals.

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