Sunday, September 30, 2012


Been needing to write, but haven’t been able to... write. Or more to the point what about. I think I should write something funny and light hearted, a la another blast from the past photo. But I don’t want to share too much. I kind of like anonymity or being mysterious. Bwahahahaha. Perhaps another tour of the music library, but I am in the process of replacing said library due to a bug or glitch or upgrade compatibility issue, and I’m only halfway through the “B’s”. So, an update on the job front? Not sure I should share that publicly... yet. I will only say, I am no longer in Victorville working. So, update on the me exercising? Are you all bored with that yet? Perhaps I will eventually do all of those.

In the meantime, while I sort all that out, last week I was house-sitting for my parents and got to spend some quality time with my cat, Quirk. This was our favorite hang out spot.

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