Monday, June 5, 2017

Tallulah Mae's first offical maiden voyage: Part I

And we're off... to see the desert (not Kansas) in order to avoid LA. Because, because, because, because, becauuuuuuuuse... (are you singing along?) The 210 is horrible and even worse during commute times.

We (sis, dad, nephew2, floofy puppy, and I) are going on a southwest/midwest tour in Tallulah Mae, the RV. Tallulah Mae has gone on little trips, so she's not a virgin. On her very first voyage to our local campground, sis crashed her into dad's neighbors car. Totaled their car, Tallulah just needed a little duct tape bandaid. But that's another story.

Our first destination is our long time (they've known me longer than I've known myself) great family friends, Shiny Happy People. Dad and I first packed up his truck with our stuff and all the photo albums going back to Wyoming and drove over to sis' to pack up the RV. Floofy puppy is bouncing and ready to go! We of course said we wanted to leave at 9:00am, but you know things don't always happen the way you plan them. We rolled out of the driveway at 10:30am. Not too shabby.

We took 152 over Pacheco Pass and San Luis Reservoir to the 5. Then 58 into Bakersfield and Tahachapi and past Mojave to Boron. There was some confusion near Mojave as to where we were going and not going, so we pulled off and pulled over to confer with dad and the map. Nephew2 needed to pee, so he got out, then floofy puppy needed to pee. So everyone got out and two fighter jets passed over us and landed at Edwards Airforce Base. So that was neat, loud, but neat. Then down 395 to 15, 215, and 210, then streets to Oak Glen, up the hill, through the apple orchards to Shiny Happy People's (SHP) house. We rolled in by 7pm.

Day 1 with SHP was spent doing man things and lady things. The "men" went with Mister SHP to his shop and then to a local painter's studio. The "ladies" went with Miss SHP and got mani pedi's. Nephew2 met Poco the horse. Floofy puppy met old lady Polly, SHP's best dog ever. We played cards and I got to win. Woo Hoo, it's been awhile.

Day 2 with SHP was spent lounging about and floofy puppy getting a haircut so he can now see through his floof. And Nephew2 got to ride Poco all over Oak Glen.

We had a lovely visit, always not long enough. The next day was the next drive day to Arizona.

Till next time, where we get to see a neckid hippie take a "bath", I win at cards again, and floofy puppy meets lion kitties for the first time.

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