Monday, August 12, 2013

Trees Trees Trees

So back when I had a real job, not that my current job isn't real, but when you know, I had like money and stuff, I used to donate to quite a few different organizations. Such as The Red Cross, National Park Foundation, State Park Foundation, Yosemite Conservancy, and Sierra Club, and held memberships (with donations of course) to the SAA (Society of American Archaeology), SCA (Society of California Archaeology), Santa Cruz Archaeology Society, New Zealand Archaeology, and Sierra Club, among others. The only one I have kept current and still belong to is Sierra Club (because I like and usually agree with what they fight and lobby for). In the past, I think I also donated to The Arbor Day Foundation because this came in the mail.

At first I wasn't going to fill it out. When stuff like this comes in the mail these days, I usually just dump it into the recycle bin. But I held on to this one. I actually read it. So I decided to do it. So for filling out the survey and donating $20.00, I will get 10 trees, and the Arbor Day Foundation will plant 10 trees in a park somewhere in the US. I think it is a pretty sweet trade off. However, I know now that I will become inundated with even more stuff in the mail asking for money/donations from The Arbor Day Foundation and other similar agencies, it's just how these things work. I think my recycle bin can handle it. The 10 trees will be (according to my survey) 3 American Redbuds, 3 Golden Raintrees, and 4 White Flowering Dogwoods. I've always liked redbuds and dogwoods!!

So I'm curious in what state I will get my 10 trees. In the lovely picture, of course it shows a lovely family planting a young perhaps 3-5 year old sapling in their front yard. Somehow I don't think they will be sending me 10 3-5 year old saplings. They better not come in seed form either. I can't grow trees from seeds. I've tried and failed. My best guess is that they will come to me like my now dead Spruce that came with the Wall-E DVD. He came in a tube.

I've decided I will keep you all posted on the 10 trees. When they arrive, how they arrived, in what condition they are in, etc. Also, I don't have space for 10 trees. So if I can keep them alive and get them big enough to safely plant in a yard, and you live nearby... let me know, you may get a tree.

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