Thursday, July 25, 2013

Save me Lolo!

So late last night I wrote about me when I was 15 here. And I said that I loved playing a game called Lolo on Nintendo. Here is the wiki on Adventures of Lolo. You can even watch youtube video's of people playing Lolo here. I'm not exactly sure why I loved this game so much. I didn't really get into the "epic" games with huge story arcs and battles and whatnot. I would play Lolo for hours. I was obsessed with trying to figure out each level, to the point of utter frustration.

Apparently Nintendo re-released Adventures of Lolo for the Wii in 2007. But it probably just isn't the same. They probably cleaned up the graphics and music and whatnot. The re-release of older games just doesn't work for me. I remember trying to play pac-man on my nephews play station. It wasn't fun. The only way to play pac-man is in an arcade or on the Atari with the joystick and red button. I think the same applies for any old game. It only works right on the game system it was originally designed for. Maybe that's just my "old school" opinion, but I'm sticking with it.

Also before I go back to reminiscing about my cute fuzzy blue ball, there is a vlog I follow at Geek & Sundry called Co-Optitude, in which Felicia Day and her brother Ryon play old video games from their youth (my youth as well, since it was the 90's). It is freakin hilarious. If nothing else, their last vlog had me in hysterics. Just watch it and wait for them to rock/paper/scissors who gets to do the final battle. Just watch it... I dare you not to laugh. I cried. Go to Geek and Sundry or here is the youtube video for it.

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