Thursday, May 31, 2012

The new short stack

I took a trip to my local B&N today. I picked up Lee Child’s Killing Floor, George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, and Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South. A thriller, a fantasy, and a classic. Talk about a mixed bag. Got Child’s Killing Floor because it is the first of one of his best known series, and everyone I have talked to who has read them say it’s great fun. I like fast paced good action thrillers. I was going to get David Morrell’s First Blood, you know the Rambo movies right? Well, it was a book first. But they didn’t have it. *sad face* So I got Martin’s Game of Thrones, instead. I’m very picky about fantasy books. I have a hard time finding ones that I actually like. But I thought I should give this one a try, it is an HBO series now and it’s all the rage. I think I can handle some magic, mayhem, incest, and epic betrayals. And now the classic. I recently watched the BBC production of this novel and absolutely fell in love. No really. The whole puppy dog googlie eyed, I have to watch this over and over again in love. Ok, maybe just the ending, but still. Now that I know what Thornton looks and sounds like, I can get all googlie eyed in the text. Charles Dickens gave her good reviews, so it must be a good book as well.

The whole point of this is I haven’t been able to read much lately. I’ve started reading several books and just haven’t been in the mood, or they just haven’t captured me. Hopefully these will get me going again. I also need to re-read The Hobbit before December, to refresh my memory before I go see the movie extravaganza. It will be epic, EPIC I say!

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