Sunday, September 5, 2010


This past Saturday I took my dad to the Watsonville Fly-in and Airshow. Awesome. I needed a distraction from the chaos at work, and I know that my dad loves planes... and so do I. I can't name them or anything like that, but he can. So we walked down all the rows of planes and read all the funny signs that the owners/pilots said about their planes. We watched some of the stunt plane acts. That was fun. Helped me remember why I used to want to be a pilot. Don't think my stomach could handle all that though, even if I was the one doing the barrel rolls. It does seem like something one of my nephews would find fun to do. There was one pilot that just blew us both away. A guy by the name of Bill Stine in his Edge 540. I've never seen anything like it. He was able to put his plane end over end. Tail over nose, again and again. It was just amazing to watch. We looked at all the WWII planes and the B-25 Bomber. It isn't a large plane but it is packed to the gills full of machine guns. We stood there and said, well, there would be at least seven guys manning the guns, a pilot and co-pilot, and navigator. That's a lot of guys packed into a small plane full of bombs. Just makes you think, you know?

I had a good time, and I think my dad did too.

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George said...

yes we did...loved it. Thank you, Thank you.