Friday, February 19, 2010

In the mean time

While my brain is not functioning in the sense of writing thought provoking insights about my life, I hope you instead enjoy a little trip through my music library. Now this is an experiment and one I hope you find fun and interesting because I have no idea when my little nut head will start sputtering words of wisdom again, so you may be in for a long trip through my music library.

I've wanted to try this out for a while anyway. This first song is from the Cranberries, To the Faithful Departed. The song is called Bosnia. It's a bit dated in that it talks about the brutal civil war there and a theme of when will someone or foreign government step in (which is a theme that comes around again in a song down the list). The other interesting part of the song which I enjoy comes in just after the 3rd minute. This is when one melody starts, and then another different melody runs under the first (the children singing at 3:40), and then another joins in (horns at 4:10). They are different, yet harmonious. And woven together have a powerful presence.
don't pay any attention to the comments, just chose that link because it isn't the actual music video.

The next piece is by Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight. Song is Hands Held High. This one has a bit of explicit language so your virgin ears have been warned. Again this is slightly dated in that it was made during the Bush (Junior) administration and is about the dreary outlook with some of his war policies. This song although has some rough language is beautiful in its chorus. They mix rap with a lyrical three part harmony (a trademark of the band). The chorus also mixes two different choruses together ("amen" and "with hands held high into the sky so blue"). This is an effect in music whether singing or instrumental which I gravitate to and enjoy listening to over and over again. Perhaps it is why I got a torturous pleasure out of learning Bach's Inventions on the piano.

again chose a video that isn't the music video or some one's interpretation. Whether or not you agree with what is sung, the piece is constructed in an interesting way with the harsh sounding verses and softer lyrical chorus.

The next song is also by Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight. Song is The Little Things Give you Away. No potty mouths this time. This one again is beautiful to me. Makes me tear up every time, no matter how many times I listen to it. Only one word: Katrina.

Again this song has an overlapping element. "The little things give you away" and "All you've ever wanted was someone to truly look up to you"

And finally the world would not be complete without a bit of whistling. The Bravery, The Sun and The Moon. Song: Bad Sun. I just have to whistle along with it every time I hear it.

I hope this was an interesting journey through some of my musical tastes. And hopefully you music majors out there won't make too much fun of how I try to describe things, I only have a minor in music, not a real degree.

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