Sunday, October 28, 2007

New job description

So, a couple weeks ago now, I got to play the part of FedEx. We were working on a big proposal on a deadline which was Friday the 12th, by 2 PM. Wednesday afternoon, my boss asked if I'd be willing to go to LA on Friday. "uh... okay". Thursday roles around and we are still working on the proposal. So I buy my plane tickets from SJO to LAX and back and reserve my rental car to get me from LAX to Long Beach. We finished the proposal by 8:00PM on Thursday. And so I flew it down to LA the next morning. I drove it to Long Beach, and dropped it off with a security guard, who wrote me a receipt. Apparently, visitors aren't allowed in the building. I turned around and drove back to LAX and got on a plane to fly back home to SJO. So basically my company forked out $500.00, and paid me for a day, to play FedEx. I suppose it wasn't a bad way to spend a Friday.

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