Friday, April 28, 2017

My Book Stash Must Go!

I have an 8x10 shed in my sisters back yard full of books. I had started to collect them way back in 2012 for my as of yet unfulfilled dream of opening a used book shop/gelato/coffee bar. Unless someone wins the lottery and gives me say 1 million dollars, it's not going to happen. Have I completely given up on the dream? Eh, sort of. I tried to get it going again last year. I had an amazing business plan, my eye on several potential locations that were for sale, a real estate agent ready and willing to get into the trenches and fight for me, and I had sold my portion of the house I co-owned with my sister back to her and pulled out my entire retirement savings from my 401k. But none of it mattered to the banks. I won't go into the long details of how the US banking empire is fucked up, and will only say that it was impossible for me to get any kind of loan (small business or commercial) from any bank (big or small community).

So, I have just under 4,000 books in a shed not being read or even used as kindling or toilet paper. I've looked into selling online via amazon, independent online sellers, setting up my own online bookstore, etc., and none of them would allow me to make any profit or even break even. I could donate them, and I have donated a few hundred, and given some to friends. But I don't want to donate them to the new crappy used bookstore that is in my dream downtown location, because they are crappy and I don't like them. I may be slightly jaded.

And if by some miracle I am able to open my dream shop some day, collecting books is not a hard task for me. I'm very good at it. So getting rid of the stash I have now will not break me. My sister could use the extra storage for other things like her oldest sons crap that he left behind after he joined the army or her broken exercise equipment. You know, stuff.

So I am posting a link to my inventory. I will put it in google docs and open it to everyone. You can search by title, author, and even ISBN. Let me know what you want, and first come first serve if I don't have multiple copies. I am not asking for any money for them, if you feel obligated to pay for them, then I only ask you don't try to overpay for them. They are used. If you want me to ship to you, I only ask you pay the shipping and nothing more.

If you happen to live near me (and by that I mean within a 100 mile radius), I will be happy to deliver. I will be on the road late May to mid June this year, so I can deliver to southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada. We will just need to communicate and coordinate to meet up. Also please check the Notes section of my inventory, there I have details about if I lent the book to someone, donated it, or is perhaps worth a good sum of money (first editions, out of print, etc.), or any damage.

So please, I beg you all, take a look, snag some books, tell all your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, random people on the street, the cop giving you a speeding ticket, your local homeless crazy person, and everyone else in your life to take a look, and snag some books. I want them to go to good homes and get read, or used in art projects, or as fire starters, or camping toilet paper. I don't care.

If I get enough response, I will update the inventory accordingly when books get snagged.

Here is the link to the book inventory:
Book Inventory

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