Friday, March 15, 2013

Show me... sentimental object

This weeks “show me” was hard. I don’t tend to have sentimental attachments to things. At first I was going to use my old grey sweatshirt.

It is ragged and falling apart, full of stains and holes. But it is comfy. It is still my favorite sweatshirt. It used to be my sister’s and nephew’s favorite sweatshirt as well. All three of us would wear it. But if it finally disintegrates or I finally throw it away, I will not feel sad. I don’t need a funeral for it. So although it is my favorite sweatshirt, it is not precious to me or hold sentimental value.

So then I thought, my laptop.

I love my laptop. I live on my laptop. I am online... a lot! It holds all my music and pictures and everything I’ve written. It is my lifeline to all my friends, since none of them actually live in the same town as me. But then, this past Tuesday night, it crashed. I had to take it to the Mac geeks at the Apple Store in Los Gatos on Wednesday. It had a faulty wire cable in the hard drive. Worst case scenario was going to be replacing the hard drive and loosing everything I had on the laptop. Because stupid me, hasn’t backed it up... ever. It’s still under a year old. So I lived without my laptop for two days. I’ve lived without it just fine for much longer. And although I missed not checking Facebook 8 times a day, or Twitter, or surfing, or online stalking I survived just fine. I actually got other stuff done, like mowing the lawn and vacuuming my room and hallway. I didn’t loose anything on my laptop, thankfully and it is now backed up, thank you very much. But again, I wasn’t really worried about loosing stuff. Most of it is backed up elsewhere. Sure I would have lost a few photos, and my book inventory for The Shop, but I would have survived. I’m not attached to the laptop itself, only what it allows me to do and what it holds within it. It allows me to “visit” my friends who are spread across the country. So the actual laptop itself, I have no real attachment to. It does not hold sentimental value to me.

So what does?


Actual physical places.

The fact that I can go see places such as Mount Cook in New Zealand.

The Pacific Ocean (Maui)

Forests (Yosemite)

Deserts (Victorville)

And all the places I haven’t seen yet. Each place is special in some way. Each place effects my physical and emotional states. If I was unable to travel to the ocean, forest, etc, I would be very unhappy. I would survive, but it wouldn’t be a happy existence. So the actual freedom to see nature is sentimental to me.

So is the Earth as my sentimental object considered cheating?

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Rachel Lee said...

I think the Earth is the best sentimental object of all! Splendid!

Kaylia said...

I have to agree with Rachel... what a great idea to use the Earth :) I'm with you.. if I couldn't travel (or in my case have the ability to potentially travel again) I would be very very sad.